vSHEARS – 5.5″ Fiber Optic Tri-Hole Stripper: VT-2853


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vSHEARS – 5.5″ Fiber Optic Three-Hole Stripper: VT-2853

  • Full Length: 5.5″ (138mm)
  • Lightweight Design: 2.33oz (66g)
  • Application: Fiber Optic Cable Stripper
    • 2-3mm fiber jacket
    • 900 tight buffer to 250 micron buffer coating
    • Standard 250-125 micron stripping
  • Blades made of High Carbon Alloy Steels (HRC 60-62)
    • Precision-ground and infused with Molybdenum + Vanadium for rust resistance, extended durability, and easy resharpening
  • Convenient, one-handed swing lock design
  • Ergonomic grip: Strain-free, TPR handles 
  • Enhanced durability:
    • Rivet made of middle Carbon Steel with nickel plating

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