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Making life simpler is all about having the right tools for the job. The right tools are of the highest quality and also available at a reasonable price.

Welcome to Vampire Tools: a premium provider of top quality pliers, shears, and other ergonomically designed and patented tools that are second to none in craftsmanship and value for money.

We are world renowned for our unique patented VamPLIERS, made in Japan from hardened Kobe steel. These are the best lineman pliers available in the market.

Lineman pliers are a type of combination pliers used by electricians and other tradesmen for bending, gripping, twisting, and cutting cable and wire. Their design maximizes force through specific leverage, with insulated grips for occupational safety.

VamPLIERS are a unique type of lineman pliers in that they have serrations inside their jaws. These are both vertical and horizontal in direction, allowing for a perfect bite at the tip of the pliers. Thanks to this innovative technology, these are the best tool to remove stripped screws available anywhere in the world.

As well as screw extracting pliers, Vampire Tools provides top quality

  • Electrical Shears
  • Super Combo Scissors
  • Cable Sleeve stripping knives
  • Kevlar Cutters
  • Kevlar Shears
  • VamPLIERS sets
  • VamPLIERS tool pouches
  • Gift sets
  • Commercial VamPLIERS demonstration panels and blocks

To own the best screw extractor available for yourself, look no further than Vampire Tools. Located in Irvine, California, we are not only committed to supplying a top class product that is second to none, but we take customer service very seriously. All orders are dispatched with a tracking number and we are available to contact for support at any time via phone or email. Our tools are covered by warranty against defect in workmanship for one year, providing they are used under normal and intended conditions.

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