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Multipurpose scissors for leather, fabric, rope, carpet, cord, metal wire

  • Cuts almost everything from paper, leather, fabric, suede, rope, carpet, thin branches of plants, and many other soft materials
  • Wire cutter in between handles cuts aluminum, soft steel and copper wire up to 3/32
  • Box cutter on the outer edge of one blade; safety sheath is included
  • Handles design incorporate wrap-around guard to prevent pinching (patent pending)
  • Great for small industrial, home, garden and DIY use
  • Sharp cutting edges which will retain sharpness for a long time
  • Micro-serrations on one half of one blade for easy grip of cutting material
  • Versatile yet compact for easy storage
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Made in Japan from high carbon steel

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A high quality multi-use 4-in 1 innovative scissors for industrial and home use. The cutting edges are sharp and micro-serrations provide a firm grip during cutting.

Super Combo Scissors™ are a uniquely designed compact yet strong cutting instrument. They incorporate four functions in one pair of scissors: flat-blade cutting, micro-serrated blade for cutting without slippage, wire cutters and a box opener. The ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable non-slip grip and includes a special feature to prevent finger pinching (patent pending). The S-shape grips are designed to convey maximum applied power to the blades.

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Dimensions 9.60 × 4.5 × 0.80 in

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