Screw Extraction – How Vampire Tools Helps

One of the most annoying things for any handyman or woman is a stripped screw. What is a stripped screw, you ask? It simply means that the head of the screw is damaged and that it is difficult or even impossible to turn using a screwdriver or even a drill bit. When a screw becomes stripped, using a basic screwdriver to remove it is not sufficient – it just won’t work. You need to know how to remove a stripped screw.


Why Vampire Tools are the Best Shears on the Market

Vampire Tools is very proud to supply a variety of shears across a range of price points and which suit many different purposes. We know ours are the very best shears available on the market.

Shears differ from scissors in that they have longer blades, asymmetrical handles shaped for the thumb and two or more fingers, and an extra strong fulcrum force to better cut through thicker materials.


The Best Scissors in the World – Why Vampire Tools are Number 1!

Here at Vampire Tools, we proudly state that we sell the best scissors in the world. It’s a big claim! It’s a claim we stand by.

We sell a variety of shears and scissors with a range of price points and to suit an array of different purposes, including Kevlar scissors, cutters, and all-in-one electrician scissors. We also sell unique super-combo scissors which are multipurpose – we believe every home, office, and workshop needs a set!


All About WD-40 – Part 1

If you have tools, from the best shears to screw extraction pliers, you will likely have heard of and used WD-40.

WD-40 is the trademarked name of a water-displacing spray and penetrating oil. Its active ingredient is non-volatile viscous oil that remains on any surface to which it is applied. It protects these surfaces from moisture and provides lubrication. It is fantastic for protecting tools, extricating jammed bolts and screws, removing dirt, preventing rust, loosening stiff locks and zippers, and displacing moisture.


A Short History of Scissors

Scissors are just a normal part of everyday life for most of us – we barely give them a second thought. But from electrician scissors to Kevlar shears, scissors are a tool that we all use and which we all take for granted. With this in mind, ere is a Short History of Scissors.

Scissors are nothing new in the last century – or even in the last millennium. Many people believed that they were first invented by Leonardo Da Vinci; however the humble set of scissors is much, much older than this…