How to Avoid Stripping a Screw

So you’ve come to our website seeking the best pliers in the world or a damaged screw extractor. Perhaps you need information on how to remove a stripped screw. We’ve addressed this question in a past blog post, but perhaps the bigger question for the future is, how do I avoid stripping a screw in…


Hilarious Handyman Fails

All too often a self-professed handyman has an “oops” moment and the job being tackled ends up being at best a failure and at worst a disaster. Sometimes it’s as a result of using the wrong tools (like not having the right VAMPLIERS screw removal pliers) and at other times it’s from lack of skill,…


Screws 101 – PART 1

We’ve talked a lot in past blog articles about screw extracting pliers and why Vampire Tools’ VAMPLIERS are the best screw extractor. Today we’re stripping things back to basics and looking at everything you need to know about screws. What is a Screw?