Trivia Time: Scissors

From Kevlar cutting scissors to household multipurpose shears, scissors are a tool we all have in our home or office in some form or another. They are a tool we can’t live without.

Scissors are not a modern tool; they have been in existence for many thousands of years. Popular myth has their inventor being Leonardo Da Vinci; however they actually pre-date Da Vinci as they were in use in ancient times.


Basic Handyman Skills Every Man and Woman Should Have

We’ve covered the topic of the contents of a basic toolkit in previous articles for this blog; today we’re looking at some basic handyman skills that everyone – both male and female – should have. While you can always call a handyman to come and fix things in your home or office, it’s much better, cheaper, (and more satisfying) if you can do it yourself – and do it well. All you need are some basic tools like Kevlar scissors and lineman pliers and some know-how and you’re all set.