A Short History of Hand Tools Part 2

A history of hand tools shows tools became more and more important as civilization became more advances. A workman’s tools were the means by which he could earn a living. They were also used to help make daily life easier.

Humans began molding copper in about 6000BC. They soon learned that copper was too soft to be effective as a tool, but mixed with tin it made bronze, which was very strong. This happened around the same time as the razor was invented to shave hair and men began to go beardless.


A Short History of Hand Tools Part 1

From the very first Stone Age tools used in prehistory to today’s best screw extraction pliers, hand tools are seen by anthropologists as a way of understanding humanity. The way we created and used tools developed with human skill and how we operated as a society, and this rings true to this day.  Tools tell us a lot about the societies that developed them, and a more advanced society will use more tools.


Wire Stripping: What You Need to Know

As well as selling linesman pliers and screw removal pliers, here at Vampire Tools we also sell shears and cable sleeve stripping knives. Cable stripping knives can be invaluable when it comes to tasks such as wire stripping.

Wire stripping is essential to any project that is electrical in nature. It simply involves safe removal of the outer layer of insulation without impinging on the wires and other components beneath the insulation.


Remove Spray Topper Nozzles from Perfume Bottles

In decades past, perfume came in beautiful crystal bottles with either screw tops or attachable atomizers, and could be reused or refilled once empty.

Today, premium perfumes are still presented in gorgeous bottles which many girls (and some guys) would love to reuse or keep as a decorative bottle on a vanity or dresser. Yet those convenient spritzer nozzles that deliver a standard amount of perfume per spray with a single pump don’t come off so easily!


Tools of the Vikings

Tools have been used by mankind for thousands of years, and archaeology presents us with amazing examples of what was used in times long past.

Recent archaeological excavations in Denmark have unearthed a true treasure: a Viking Toolbox.


Toolbox Essentials – The Basics

If you’re moving out of home for the first time, or moving into a home that’s new to you, you’ll be overwhelmed with the list of things you’ll need. One thing few people (especially non-DIY types) think of until they urgently need it is a toolbox full of tools..

Every home should have a basic toolbox for emergencies. At some point, you’ll need to assemble some item of furniture, hang a picture on a wall, or fix something in the house or garden. As such, you need to have a supply of essential tools to get the job done.