Hilarious Handyman Fails

All too often a self-professed handyman has an “oops” moment and the job being tackled ends up being at best a failure and at worst a disaster. Sometimes it’s as a result of using the wrong tools (like not having the right VAMPLIERS screw removal pliers) and at other times it’s from lack of skill,…


Vampire Tools for Hobbyists

Hobbyists are one group who absolutely need the right tools. More specifically, you need tools that can work in mini- and tight spaces, whether you are into making models like trains or military planes, working on electronics, making jewellery, creating doll houses, maintaining musical instruments, and much more. From mini lineman pliers to the right…


Essential Tools Every Car Needs

We’ve talked about household toolkit essentials, but what about the tools you carry in your car? Even if you can call on the professionals to fix issues you may have while on the road, you should be prepared with some basics. These include some basic lineman pliers, Kevlar scissors, and, of course, your cell phone…