Tips and Tactics for Damaged Screw Extraction

Screws need to be removed for various reasons, and this should be a simple job. Yet very often it’s just not. Stripped screws are a common problem; in a recent blog article we looked at the causes of screws becoming stripped. Today we’ll look in depth at the best ways to remove a stripped screw.

A screw is a threaded fastener that keeps items in position or attached and can be easily removed and replaced, unlike a nail which is a permanent attachment.  Screws are found on everything from building applications to toys and appliances. In most cases, simply using a screw driver will make it easy to apply or remove a screw.


What Causes a Stripped Screw?

One of the most common questions we hear is, “how do I remove a stripped screw?” The answer, obviously, is with VamPLIERS screw removal pliers, but the question remains, what causes a screw to become stripped in the first place?

First things first: what is a stripped screw? They are certainly a common problem. A stripped screw is a screw whose head is damaged so much that it is impossible to remove with a screwdriver.


Safety First – Avoid Injury when Using Pliers

We all know that using power tools can be dangerous and that injuries can happen. But what you might not realize is that manual tools can also be dangerous if they are not used carefully and properly. From a hand saw to a hammer; from a screwdriver to a chisel, there are many ways injuries can occur and no matter what type of tool you use, whether it is a mallet or screw removal pliers, safety must be your first priority.


Screw Extraction – How Vampire Tools Helps

One of the most annoying things for any handyman or woman is a stripped screw. What is a stripped screw, you ask? It simply means that the head of the screw is damaged and that it is difficult or even impossible to turn using a screwdriver or even a drill bit. When a screw becomes stripped, using a basic screwdriver to remove it is not sufficient – it just won’t work. You need to know how to remove a stripped screw.