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High quality scissors for cutting Kevlar, Dyneema, Vectran, Technora thread, tape, lines, cords and rope

  • Micro-serrated blade for gripping materials during cut
  • Long and sharp blade to shear fabric
  • Non-serrated blade can be sharpened
  • Extended tang for durability and efficient force transfer
  • Adjustable pivot point to modify blades tension – ambidextrous use

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These scissors are specially designed for cutting Kevlar material; Kevlar thread in particular. They can also be used to cut Dyneema, Vectran, Technora thread, tape, lines, cords and rope. One blade is micro-serrated along the whole edge. The blades are made of high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum and Vanadium edge 60~62, cutting edge hardness HV1200. The handles are especially designed for firm grip and to ease repetitive cutting action.

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Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 11.50 × 4.60 × 0.75 in

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