• pH Neutral liquid, you can work safely (it does not contain acid or alkali), less harmful to bare skin.
    • Quick Results! No need to scrub! Instantly reacts with rust turning the liquid purple and breaking it down.
    • Rust on small components, such as rusted screws, can be removed only in seconds.
    • Use with Vampire Tools patented top quality hand tools to loosen treated hardware after wiping liquid.
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    High quality scissors for cutting KEVLAR® and high-tech sailing thread
    • Cuts carbon fiber, glass fiber, plastic, canvas, upholstery, headliner, cloth string and many other materials
    • Serrated blade for gripping materials. Non-Serrated blade can be sharpened for longer life of shears
    • Blades made of high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum & Vanadium HRC60±2, cutting edge hardness HV1200 & RoHS compliant for use in various industries
    • Thermo-plastic elastomer handles creates a comfortable grip for repetitive action
    • Pointed blade for wedging between wires and surfaces. Extended tang for durability
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  • This bundle set includes the following items:
    • 5" Mini VAMPLIERS®
    • 5.5" Mini Long Nose VAMPLIERS®
    • 5.5" Mini Needle Nose VAMPLIERS®
    • 4.75" Mini Precision Nippers VAMPLIERS®

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