• Vampire Professional Tools and its Products

    Vampire Tools provide unique, dependable, and very high quality tools. We go to lengths to find tools all over the world which solve specific problems. Our flagship product is VamPLIERS™ a favorite of plumbers, mechanics, electricians, and DIYers, which extract the most difficult screws.

    VamPLIERS™ have uniquely designed concave shaped jaws with vertical serrations on the inside jaws which make it possible to grab on to a stripped/rusted/ corroded screw, bolt or nut for extraction.

    VamPLIERS™ will even work on screws which have special, unique or tamper-proof heads. They are made from treated high quality carbon steel from Kobe in Japan, have smooth varnished finish, and have environmentally friendly elastomer ergonomic handle grips.

    Vampire Tools want to be your go-to tool supplier. We work hard to make every one of our customers-a satisfied customer