As well as selling linesman pliers and screw removal pliers, here at Vampire Tools we also sell shears and cable sleeve stripping knives. Cable stripping knives can be invaluable when it comes to tasks such as wire stripping.

Wire stripping is essential to any project that is electrical in nature. It simply involves safe removal of the outer layer of insulation without impinging on the wires and other components beneath the insulation.

A wire stripper can be in the form of sharp lineman pliers, a knife, or a specialized cable sleeve stripping tool. While a sharp knife is all that’s needed to strip a wire, the best and safest results are more likely when a proper wire stripping tool is used.

There is a variety of different types of wires that may require stripping; each has its own approach that should be followed:

Electrical Cords: these require precision and concentration. Nonetheless, with some experience and the right tools, stripping electrical cords is relatively simple. Using a knife or a cable sleeve stripping knife, score around the cable sheath with light pressure but without cutting right through it.

Communication Wires: for instance, as used for a high speed internet line. These cables are small and stripping them safely will require the use of a cable stripping tool so that the conducting wires aren’t damaged in the process.

Thin Wires: are very easy to damage, so will require great care and a cable stripper.

Plastic Sheathed Cable: this requires a two-step process to strip effectively. Use a stripping tool and slide the sheathed cable into the notch of the tool that corresponds with the gauge of the wire. Squeeze and slide the tool gently to expose the wiring. Each individual wire can then be stripped.

Use of a cable stripping knife is ideal for wire stripping as the tool combines sheath removal with stripping capabilities. Alternatively, lineman pliers can be used. More complex wiring types, such as underground cable and coaxial cables, should ideally be left to the professionals for working with.

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