Vampire Tools – Lineman Pliers

Lineman pliers, also known as linesman pliers or linesman’s pliers, are a type of combination pliers used by electricians, artisans, and other tradesmen and women for the purpose of bending, gripping, twisting, and cutting cable and wire. They feature reinforced pincers or jaws, as well as insulated handles. They have a joint at the nose for optimal gripping, and a cutting edge in the craw. They are effectively used for an array of purposes.

Pliers are available in an array of sizes and each is suited to its intended use. Some are ideal for gripping, others are more specific to twisting or bending wire, and others still are ideal for cutting wire and other combination tasks. Lineman pliers can be used to strip wire of sheathing. They can be used to prepare electrical wires for circuitry, to bend or straighten cable, wire, or even metal sheeting, and to cut other metal objects. They can also be used in removal of screws, to clean up rough metal edging, and to eliminate bends from soft metals. Not only perfect for trades and home improvements, they are great for use in fishing, cycling, and craft.

Here at Vampire Tools, we proudly provide what we know to be the very best linesman pliers available in the market today. Called VamPLIERS, they are a uniquely designed and patented type of lineman pliers that are second to none in quality and workmanship.

The most innovative feature of our VamPLIERS is in that they have tiny but incredibly strong serrations inside their jaws. These are configured both vertically and horizontally in direction, achieving a perfect bite and grip right up to the tip of the pliers, maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency no matter what their application.

Life need not be difficult! Save time and effort by having the best lineman pliers at hand when you need them. We have the perfect set of VamPLIERS for you. Browse our full range and contact us today to purchase your own set of VamPLIERS from Vampire Tools.