Vampire Tools is very proud to be a premium provider of the world’s best shears and cable sleeve stripping knives, both throughout the Unites States and worldwide. Shears are an essential tool for all homes, offices, and industries, while cable stripping knives are invaluable when it comes to wire stripping and other similar tasks.

Wire stripping part of any job with electricals or other communication cables and wires. It involves the safe removal of the outer layer of insulation over a wire or cable, without impinging in any way on the wires and other components that reside beneath the insulation.

Wire stripping can be affected with an array of tools, including sharp lineman pliers, a knife, or ideally a specialized cable sleeve stripping tool. While a sharp knife is adequate to strip a wire, the best results delivered with utmost safety will come with use of a dedicated tool for wire or cable stripping.

Different wire and cabling types may require stripping. These include but are not limited to:

Communication Wires like high speed internet line or television cable. These cables may be small, and safe stripping of them requires the use of a dedicated, specially designed cable stripping tool so that the conducting wires aren’t damaged at all in the process.

Thin Wires are very easily damaged, and as such they will require great care and a cable stripping tool to remove their layer of insulation.

Electrical Cords can be very dangerous to work with and always require concentration and precise attention. With the right tools, stripping electrical cords is relatively simple if you have some basic know-how and follow all safety measures.

Plastic Sheathed Cable requires a two-step procedure for effective stripping. You need to use a specifically-designed cable stripping tool to expose the wiring. Each individual wire can then be stripped.

Using a Vampire Tools cable stripping knife is recommended for effective wire stripping as the tool very cleverly combines safe sheath removal with enhanced stripping capabilities. You may use lineman pliers but a cable stripping knife is best.

Remember that more complex wiring like underground cable and coaxial cables and live electrical wires should always be left to a professional electrician.