Your VAMPLIERS are a truly remarkable tool. All of the more common uses for VAMPLIERS are well known, including as lineman pliers and a very effective damaged screw extractor. But did you know that there are some creative uses for pliers, especially VAMPLIERS?

Did you know you can open a wine bottle with VAMPLIERS?

It’s true that most modern wine bottles have screw caps. This is incredibly convenient – until you have a corked bottle and no corkscrew! Or maybe you have a corkscrew in the back of the kitchen drawer but no idea how to use it?

The great news is that you don’t need a corkscrew to enjoy that bottle of wine – you simply need a screw and a pair of VAMPLIERS…

How to Open a Wine Bottle with VAMPLIERS

  1. Select a screw of approximately four inches long.
  2. Note that the greater the distance between the threads along the screw, the better grip on the cork will be provided.
  3. Insert the screw into the centre of the cork slowly and gently, straight down and as deep as possible but without going all the way through the other end of the cork. Using a screwdriver will make this easier. You need to have at least a half inch of the screw sticking out the top.
  4. Using your VAMPLIERS, gently pull out the screw, using a pulling, twisting motion. The cork will come out of the bottle with It’s imperative that you do this slowly and gently.

It’s crucial that you take care so as not to break the cork (or even the neck of the wine bottle). Voila! Your wine is open and ready to be enjoyed. (Your friends will also be impressed with how inventive you are!).

VAMPLIERS serve a multitude of purposes – including as lineman pliers, a damaged screw extractor, and they solve the problem of how to remove a stripped screw. Now you know how to use them to open a bottle of wine!