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    High-quality specialty pliers to extract stripped or stuck screws or rounded nuts or bolts.
    • Easily removes stripped screws, including low profile truss screws and cuts copper wires.
    • Slender Jaws design ideal for working in tight spaces.
    • Black Oxide Finish for enhanced rust resistance.
    • Intermeshed teeth firmly grip the finest metal sheet and shims.
    • 12mm side cutting blades.
    • T-Shaped handles for reduced weight and slip-free grip.
    • Securing holes run through the metal of handles for better safeguarding of pliers.
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    VAMPLIERS 9-inch Side Cutting Linesman Pliers with Cable Crimper: VT-001-9

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    • Made in Japan
    • Innovative Silicone Nozzle allows closer placement to soldering iron tip (for better suction and efficient solder removal)
    • Compact design allows easy one-handed operation.
    • Self-cleaning shaft allows high productivity of continual work without clogging.
    • Withstands direct contact with soldering iron (350°C Max).
    • Highest quality construction & components used. High-powered.
    • Long-lasting life and easy maintenance, owing to spare silicone tube for multiple nozzle replacements.
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    • pH Neutral liquid, you can work safely (it does not contain acid or alkali), less harmful to bare skin.
    • Quick Results! No need to scrub! Instantly reacts with rust turning the liquid purple and breaking it down.
    • Rust on small components, such as rusted screws, can be removed only in seconds.
    • Use with Vampire Tools patented top quality hand tools to loosen treated hardware after wiping liquid.
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  • High-quality specialty pliers for work on electronics, circuit boards, PCBs and other small components
    • Made in Japan
    • serrated jaws to hold objects firmly
    • Compact long nose pliers for precise work with PCB/SMD electronics, circuit boards and other small components
    • ESD Safe, comfortable handle made of thermoplastic elastomer featuring cushioned grip and oil resistance
    • Material: S58C carbon steel with hardness level HRC58(±4)
    • Wire cutter capacity: 2mm copper wire, 1.2mm steel wire
    • RoHS Compliant for use in various industries
    • Spring-loaded grip for easy operation
    • strap holes at base of handle
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    High-quality specialty nippers/cutters for work on electronics, circuit boards, PCBs and other small components
    • Made in Japan
    • Compact sized with full-flush cutting edge designed for for cutting of electronic components, copper wire, and soft component lead wires
    • Outstanding sharp cutting jaws made from heat-treated carbon steel for excellent cutting performance & durability
    • ESD Safe, oil-resistant comfortable grips spring-loaded for easy operation with strap holes at end of handles
    • Cutting capacity: solid copper wire 1.2mm, stranded copper wire 2.0mm
    • Material: S-58C Carbon Steel with a hardness of HRC 58±4
    • RoHS Compliant for use in various industries
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    • Application: Compact Precision Needle Nose Pliers for high detail, delicate, intricate, no marring, precision use. Excellent for work in narrow spaces, electronics, circuit boards, and other small components.
    • Unlike other precision pliers, our half-round, non-serrated smooth jaws have a tight and close fit to the very tip of the jaw for picking up and holding small object with damage.
    • Made in Japan from Japanese S58C Carbon Steel (HRC58±4). These pliers are small but strong and wont bend with pressure. ROHS compliant.
    • Length: 4.5" (140mm) - Lightweight Design: 2.4oz (68g)
    • Spring loaded to allow gentle movement and to alleviate hand fatique from repetitive work. Strap hole constructed of Carbon Steel for extra security.Automatic 4-Year Warranty | 5-Year Warranty with Vampire Tools Product Registration
  • Stay cool and protected with our Vampire Tool's Bucket Hat! The wide brim provides you with 360-degree sun coverage while ensuring you stay cool and dry with its lightweight and breathable design.
    • One size fits all (22" x 22 3/4")
    • 100% Polyester
    • Wide brim for maximum sun coverage
    • Side snaps for brim adjustment
    • Adjustable drawcard
    • Side vents for enhanced breathability
  • Made of 100% cotton, our Vampire Tools T-shirts are soft, breathable, and high quality! They will quickly become one of your favorite shirts to wear!
    • Relaxed fit
      • If you prefer a loose-fitting shirt, consider sizing up
    • Unisex sizing
    • 100% Cotton
    • Anti-shrink / Anti-wrinkle
    • Stitched rib collar
    • Screen printed chest logo


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