It has been said before, but we’ll say it again: you should always use the right tool for the right job! This may seem obvious, but people frequently use the wrong tool for a job – like using pliers as a hammer!

Here at Vampire Tools, we firmly believe our VAMPLIERS screw removal pliers are the best pliers in the world. Not only are they perfect for removing a stripped screw, they are professional-grade lineman pliers and can be used for an array of other purposes (but never as a hammer!).

Pliers are not a new tool in and of themselves, and there are numerous different versions of pliers available. Originally used in casting and blacksmithing, over the years pliers have been created for other specific uses.

When you purchase VAMPLIERS, you know you are getting a premium product that can serve numerous different applications.

There are many uses for pliers such as:

  • Open a wine bottle (see our previous blog article dedicated to this topic).
  • Grip a nail to hammer it in more safely than by gripping it with your fingers.
  • Remove electrical staples – clamp the edge of the staple carefully with the pliers’ cutting blades. Pry the staple away, being extremely mindful of not nicking the electrical cable.
  • Use mini or long nose VAMPLIERS to repair jewelry by crimping beads or to close a chain that has opened up.
  • Bring the Tooth Fairy to your child that little bit sooner! All jokes aside, while using pliers to remove teeth is a cliché, they are certainly very useful when a tooth is hanging by a thread, stubbornly refusing to come out. The grip is much better than you will ever get with your fingers, it’s much cleaner and easier than using a piece of string, and the tooth will be out before your child knows it. It also eliminates the “icky” factor for you.
  • Of course, when you know how to remove a stripped screw with screw removal pliers, you’ll never again have an issue with stripped screws. (See our previous blog article dedicated to this topic).

Choose Vampire Tools and VAMPLIERS so that you are all set every time you need pliers. Invest in a set of pliers of different sizes and shapes, so that you have the perfect tool for every job.