Congratulations! You’ve ordered (or received) your brand new VAMPLIERS screw removal pliers or linesman pliers. These truly are an indispensable tool and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

But there are a few things you need to know right now. While your new pliers will be an absolute godsend for basic electrical work as well as various jobs around the home, office, or workshop, not to mention stripped screw removal, they need to be treated with some TLC.

There are a number of misconceptions a lot of people hold when it comes to pliers, what they can do, and what can be done to them.

  • You should not sharpen cutting pliers yourself. While some older ones can be sharpened, newer cutting pliers are hardened by induction during the manufacturing process. They are much harder than the file you’d use to sharpen them – making the process moot.
  • Never use your pliers as a hammer, no matter how tempting it may be or how lazy you may be feeling. Even the toughest set of pliers can be irreparably damaged by hammering with them. When you need a hammer, use a hammer (or mallet).
  • Read the manufacturer’s description of what each tool is suitable for. Some electrician’s linesman pliers are suitable for only cutting copper wire or cable. Other pliers can be safely used to cut staples, small nails, small screws and even small bolts. Check the rating before you attempt to cut.
  • Pliers are not a wrench – and shouldn’t be used as such! While some plumbers use tongue and groove pliers (or adjustable joint pliers) in place of a wrench, jobs that require working with nuts, bolts or hex fittings should be tackled with a wrench.
  • Electrician’s side-cutting pliers have an indentation on their nose. It’s not there for decoration! It is specifically designed to remove the loose ends of wiring cable after cutting it.

Vampire Tools is delighted to provide the best electrician pliers and screw removal pliers available worldwide on the market, conveniently from our online store. Visit our website today to discover how we can enhance your tool kit.