You’ve found what you consider to be the best scissors in the world, and then someone tells you that if you cut the wrong thing with them, the blades will become dull and blunt and they’ll be no good. Is this true?

The most common scenario for this is the concept of using fabric scissors to cut paper. But the idea that you need a different set of scissors for each type of material that you wish to cut seems a bit ridiculous doesn’t it?

There are also suggestions that cutting synthetics can be damaging on scissors and a separate pair should be used for cutting natural fibers. So what is the answer?

According to experts, there are differences between specialized scissors crafted for specific purposes. For example:

  • Scissors for cutting paper have blades with a blunter angle. This allows for clean cutting through the paper while remaining sharp. They are not sharp enough for cutting fabric effectively.
  • Fabric scissors have blades with no serrations and a very sharp angle. They are sharper than paper scissors. If they are used to cut paper, they will become dull.
  • Barber scissors have miniscule serrated edges on the blades and a very sharp angle.

If you are the child or spouse of somebody who sews or otherwise participates in fabric-craft, you’ll know that little elicits as much fury as using fabric scissors to cut paper. Many a child has learnt their lesson after only once using mum’s pinking shears to cut out shapes from paper or cardboard.

But why the drama?

All paper products contain minerals that are abrasive and will eventually dull a pair of razor-sharp fabric scissors. Paper (and cardboard) filling and coating contain kaolin clay, titanium oxide, calcium carbonate and talc. These stiffen the paper, fill it out, and adjust how the paper absorbs ink. They can also be used to enhance opacity, whiteness, and pitch.

Kaolin clay and ground calcium carbonate are quite hard and these are what can destroy a set of scissors that are not made to stand up to them.


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