We have said it before and we’ll say it again: VAMPLIERS are truly the best pliers in the world.

It’s a big claim. We stand by it!


Our specially patented lineman and screw removal pliers, affectionately known as VAMPLIERS, are top quality worlds best pliers that are crafted to a very unique design.

The most significant features of the VAMPLIERS design include:

  • Crafted from the highest quality Japanese Kobe steel
  • Ergonomic, electrical-safe handle grips
  • Slim nose for confined-area access
  • Unique concave double-direction serrated jaws
  • Spring loaded for ease of grip and release

VAMPLIERS are manufactured in Japan from hardened Kobe steel. They are non-slip and amazingly comfortable to use, even if don’t have a lot of strength. The inside of the jaws of VAMPLIERS are designed with an innovative use of both vertical and horizontal serrations. This design feature extends all the way to the tip of the pliers. Like extremely strong micro-teeth, these serrations create a perfect bite at the head of the screw. Regardless of the type or size of the screw you wish to remove, even torx screws, VAMPLIERS maximize the point of contact between the screw and the pliers so that it is much easier to extract even the most damaged, stripped screw.

The uses for VAMPLIERS are virtually unlimited and they can be applied across many different industries including automotive, electrical, cycling, marine and even aircraft. They are a fantastic all-purpose tool for tough problems, and they won’t let you down.

VAMPLIERS are available in a range of sizes, and every household and business toolbox should have a set of them. They aren’t just highly functional either – they look great too and are very comfortable to use. VAMPLIERS are available for purchase individually or in specially bundled sets; they also come in sets with our premium electrician’s scissors.

While the focus we particularly give to VAMPLIERS is that of screw removal, the applications for these pliers is unlimited. Get yourself a set of VAMPLIERS today – you’ll never want or need to buy any other type of pliers.