VAMPLIERS are the best pliers in the world. There. We said it. And we can back up our big statement too!

VAMPLIERS are exclusive to Vampire Tools, and are unique, top quality pliers. They stand out from the pliers market because they use a specially patented design, making them both the perfect lineman pliers as well as an effective and ergonomically efficient damaged screw extractor.

The internal surface of the jaws of the VAMPLIERS has a unique design. It comprises serrations both vertically and horizontally. This design feature extends all the way to the tip of the pliers, and these serrations create the perfect bite at the head of the screw, just like strong little teeth. This feature optimizes contact between the screw that needs to be removed and the VAMPLIERS, resulting in a much more efficient and effective screw extraction, no matter how stripped or stuck the screw may be.

The main features of VAMPLIERS include a slim nose for access in confined areas, ergonomically-designed handle grips, and spring loaded hinge for easy grip and release action. VAMPLIERS are made from top quality Japanese Kobe steel – they are built to perform and to last. They are so effective they even work on Torx screws.

VAMPLIERS have an almost unlimited array of applications. They are ideal for use in many areas including cycling, automotive, electrical, marine, and aircraft. Every home should have a set of VAMPLIERS in their basic toolkit. While it is true that the specialty focus of VAMPLIERS is damaged screw extraction, the uses for these innovative pliers is unlimited.

VAMPLIERS are available in a wide range of convenient sizes, and may be purchased individually or in specially bundled sets which can be seen on our website.

VAMPLIERS are cleverly designed to be ergonomically efficient and are comfortable to use. They will not slip when used correctly, even if your own personal level of strength is not optimal. This makes them an ideal all-purpose plier for both men and women.

So as you can see, we have great reasons to stand by our attestation that VAMPLIERS are the best pliers in the world. But don’t take our word for it! Discover them for yourself.