It seems there is a world record for just about everything. Even tools play their part in the realm of world records! In most cases, tools like screw extracting pliers and electrician scissors simply help us to get jobs done better and faster, but there have been times that international records have been broken by humble tools.

Here from Guinness World Records are just a few examples of tools that have made their mark…

  • As of March 2015, the smallest working power tool was a 3D printed cordless drill designed and created by Lance Abernethy in Auckland, New Zealand. It measures just 17 x 7 x 13.5mm and has a 5mm twist drill bit. It operates with a hearing aid battery, motor and micro-switch. The same man also produced the world’s smallest working circular saw – 14.3 x 18.9 x 10.6mm with a 12mm blade.

IMAGE: TechEBlog

  • The most multifunctional pen knife includes a staggering eighty-seven tools that can perform one hundred and twenty functions. It was made by Wenger and includes a tire-tread gauge, magnifying glass, laser pointer, cigar scissors, a bike chain rivet setter, and a golf divot repair tool.
  • Boguslaw Bialek of Spain hammered the most nails by hand into a block of wood to date within a minute – thirty nails, equating to one nail every two seconds.
  • The world’s largest screwdriver measures twenty feet and nine inches in length. The mind boggles at the size of the nails it would require!
  • The world’s largest piece of art made with screws was created in Albania by Saimir Strati in 2010, and in just over one hundred feet square, it incorporated 235,500 metal screws.



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