One of the most annoying things for any handyman or woman is a stripped screw. What is a stripped screw, you ask? It simply means that the head of the screw is damaged and that it is difficult or even impossible to turn using a screwdriver or even a drill bit. When a screw becomes stripped, using a basic screwdriver to remove it is not sufficient – it just won’t work. You need to know how to remove a stripped screw.

What causes a screw to become stripped? It could be due to normal wear and tear over time, or be a result of the incorrect screwdriver being used. Electric screwdrivers can make the problem worse, as they cause damage to the head faster than would a manual screwdriver. Screws can also corrode over time.

Some screw heads are more inclined to become stripped than others, and this is particularly the case when electrical tools are used. Simpler heads on less expensive screws (e.g. Flat head screws) are more susceptible to damage.

A stripped screw may be difficult to remove, but when it needs to go, you need to have some valid options for its removal. Here is where Vampire Tools are invaluable.

VAMPLIERS are innovative pliers which come in a range of sizes. Some are specifically designed to be damaged screw extractors – their custom patented design features vertical and horizontal teeth in the jaws of the pliers which allow for maximum contact and grip on the screw. This delivers a perfect connection and bite beneath the head of the screw, so that no matter how damaged the head of the screw is, it can be removed easily and without causing further damage.

The Recessed Screw Extractor is another tool exclusive to Vampire Tools which makes life easier when you have to remove stripped screws. It quickly and easily removes damaged or stripped flathead, recessed, and countersunk screws, without any requirement for drilling or other preparation. It has a high-torque handle grip, is easy to use, and requires no clean up after use. This product comes with a 2-in-1 bit set so that you can remove both slightly and heavily damaged screws.

Choose Vampire Tools for tricky jobs like removing a stripped screw. We deliver the very best tools on the market!