We’re excited to showcase our newest VAMPLIERS product here at Vampire Tools, which are our innovative VAMPLIERS Jawz Locking Pliers. New to Vampire Tools in the US summer of 2018, this is a tough tool for solving the toughest problems, from damaged screw extraction to so much more…

What are Locking Pliers?

Locking pliers are also known traditionally as mole grips or vice grips. They, as their name suggests, can be “locked” into position during use. One side of the pliers’ handle has a bolt, which is used for adjustment of the jaw spacing, while the other handle features a lever that unlocks the pliers.

Locking pliers have been available worldwide over the last century in a range of configurations depending on their intended use, and the first locking pliers were invented in 1924 by William S. Petersen in Nebraska.

Use of locking pliers has some distinct advantages:

  • Much more force can be applied with locking pliers than with other pliers, thanks to the lever action of the handles.
  • When the locking pliers are closed, they remain closed without human intervention, making working with them simpler.
  • Force applied by the pliers is controlled as the pliers will never close beyond the specified set point.
  • The point of the pliers and its grip force can be carefully controlled by the user.

Locking pliers are used for tasks such as holding metal parts during welding, pulling nails, holding rounded nuts and bolts, securing pipes without compression, as temporary knobs or levers on machinery, and as screw extraction pliers.

Vampire Tools’ VAMPLIERS Jaws Locking Pliers weigh 14.11oz. They feature the VAMPLIERS signature vertical serrations for an unparalleled bite, affording the ability to grip without slippage. The Jaws feature a vice grip which remains closed during use, with a quick release function for instant unlocking. They have comfort handles crafted from an anti-slip elastomer and are constructed to a hardness of HRC60+/-2.

Check out our VAMPLIERS Jaws today online at Vampire Tools!