Here at Vampire Tools, we are very proud to be able to state, without reservation, that we offer the best scissors and shears available on the market today. Our range of cutting products is second to none in terms of material, workmanship, quality, and durability.

How do you know a great pair of scissors or shears?

First of all, you need to consider cost. To a certain extent you do get what you pay for. A great pair of scissors will last a very long time – even a lifetime if you care for them appropriately. So you should expect that they will not be cheap to purchase. This doesn’t mean that the most expensive pair you can find will necessarily be the best – and at Vampire Tools, we offer top-quality scissor and shear products at the most affordable price we can.

Comfort is another important consideration. The best scissors or shears for you will be ergonomically designed. They will provide the balance between unparalleled cutting ability and comfort of use, so that repetitive motions of cutting will not cause discomfort. The best shears will have a spring action in the handles for ease of cutting effortlessly, even when cutting through Kevlar, chicken bones, rope, or any other tough material.

A great pair of scissors will be very sharp. They will cut through paper, fabric, and any other material the manufacturer states they are suitable for. The best quality scissors have blades made from tempered or stainless steel and will be totally resistant to rust and corrosion.

You also need to purchase the correct tool for the correct job. If you need electrician shears or e-shears, purchase these. If you require Kevlar cutting scissors, buy Kevlar shears. And it you simply require a great set of multipurpose shears for your kitchen or home, choose a great pair for that purpose.

Visit Vampire Tools today to explore our full range of the best scissors and shears available worldwide. While we are located in California, we ship both locally to the US and overseas.