All too often a self-professed handyman has an “oops” moment and the job being tackled ends up being at best a failure and at worst a disaster. Sometimes it’s as a result of using the wrong tools (like not having the right VAMPLIERS screw removal pliers) and at other times it’s from lack of skill, know-how, or care that’s taken. Some DIY-ers are an accident waiting to happen!

Here’s a light-hearted look at a few real-life handyman fails!

  • A couple in Australia bought a new home and required a new fence to keep their dogs in their backyard (Australian properties are invariably fenced). The fencing materials were brought into the yard on a utility vehicle, and the beautiful new fence was installed. It was only while admiring the job that the workers realised they’d fenced in the truck…


  • A man was shredding old papers with an old shredder, and due to its age, it was a bit sluggish. He decided to apply some lubricant to get it working better. After doing so, it exploded upon being switched on – vapours had accumulated in the shredder and a spark ignited them.


  • A man’s wife had been asking him for years to install a latch on their laundry cabinet door (sound familiar?). He was a carpenter by trade, so the task should have been a no-brainer. Or so he thought … until in his haste, he failed to empty the cabinet before drilling the latch holes. He, as a result, hit and punctured a can of black paint with his drill, spraying the walls, floor, washer, dryer, and himself. His wife was unimpressed.


  • A handyman decided to do some home remodelling and remove a wall between the unused hallway and the dining room. He failed to do his due diligence and demolished the wall in one day. He went to bed that night and woke the next morning to find the floor in the shape of a bowl. Going downstairs, the ceiling above had sagged due to his removal of what turned out to be an essential, load-bearing wall. It was no longer a DIY job…

Common DIY injuries requiring a visit to the ER:

  • Falling through ceiling
  • Falling off roof
  • Hitting self in face with a hammer
  • Hitting thumb with a hammer
  • Slipping with a screwdriver trying to remove a stripped screw
  • Knocking self out with bumps to head
  • Electric shock from using the wrong tools and poor safety practices

Goofs are a common part of DIY work – and one of many ways to avoid them is to have the right tools for the right job! At Vampire Tools, we have what you need, from the safest linesman pliers to screw removal pliers to cable stripping knives and the best shears on the market. Shop with us today to improve your DIY results!