By Tom Davis

Irvine, California — October 30, 2017 — There aren’t many products in the collision repair industry that have an association with Halloween, but that’s not the case for Vampire Tools and its signature product.

The company was founded in 2012 in a bid to revolutionize straight-forward hand tools, and its flagship product is certainly pertinent to Halloween – especially with the tagline “Take a bite out of your fastener extraction problems.”

Vampire Tool’s ‘VAMPLIERS’ is a family of screw extraction pliers which incorporate the patented VAMPLIERS technology. The company says the series of products provides a solution to extracting the toughest screws, nuts, and bolts, including tamper-proof, one-sided, low profile, and specialty screws like Torx Screws.

The VAMPLIERS come in four different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of stuck fastener sizes in constricted spaces to large fasteners found in industrial applications.

One of Vampire Tools’ latest products is the Long Nose VamPLIER, which features non-slip jaws. Meanwhile, vertical serrations on the tip and intermeshed teeth enables the Long Nose VAMPLIERS to bite and hold round objects as well as very thin sheets, without slippage.

The company said the product removes small screws with stripped or rusted heads, and stubborn fasteners, in seconds. Meanwhile, ergonomic grips provide more comfort and forged T-shape handles prevent the grips from twisting and slipping, as well as providing a 20 percent weight reduction.

Robert Renzi, Marketing Associate at Vampire Tools, commented: “The name Vampire Tools came about because of the jaws on our pliers. Our founder Anita Qureshey, a Japanese-American entrepreneur, thought the jaws looked like the teeth of a vampire. She thought Vampire Tools was a good fit for the company name so we would never forget our roots and the flagship product [VAMPLIERS] which made the company possible.”

The company has numerous other products in the VAMPLIERS line, as well as other tools. For more information, please visit