Here at Vampire Tools, we proudly state that we sell the best scissors in the world. It’s a big claim! It’s a claim we stand by.

We sell a variety of shears and scissors with a range of price points and to suit an array of different purposes, including Kevlar scissors, cutters, and all-in-one electrician scissors. We also sell unique super-combo scissors which are multipurpose – we believe every home, office, and workshop needs a set!

What makes our scissors number one in the world?

Our scissors are hand crafted from the very best materials, including blades made from high carbon alloy steel with edges of Molybdenum and Vanadium. They are strong, durable, and very sharp. Their unique design maximizes sharpness with an unparalleled level of cutting efficiency. Our scissors’ handles are ergonomically designed, for easy use even over long periods of repetitive cutting and a very firm, stable grip.

Our Kevlar scissors will comfortably cut through plastic, canvas, rope, chicken bones, nets, string, sails, body armor, and much more…

If you are looking for a single household set of scissors for multi-purpose use, you can’t go past Vampire Tools’ Super Combo Scissors. Suitable for a vast number of different applications, they are compact yet an absolute delight to use. They are made to exacting specifications from high carbon stainless steel. The blades are micro-serrated, and there is not only a wire cutter between the handles, but also a safety-sheathed box cutter on an outer edge. The handles are designed for safety and comfort, with an anti-pinch guard to protect your hands no matter what. These fantastic and superior scissors will easily cut through paper, fabric, leather, suede, carpet, rope, and even thin branches if you choose to use them in the garden.

Get the most from your superior scissors from Vampire Tools by looking after them! Wipe them down between uses, keep them dry, and lightly oil the screw as well as the blade edges from time to time. This will keep them as good as new – they really are the best scissors you’ll ever use.