Every cycling enthusiast knows how important it is to have their cycling toolkit at hand. Some tools will live in your garage for home bike maintenance jobs, whereas so other tools will go with you on the road. From a floor pump to a chain breaker; from cable-cutting Kevlar scissors to a repair stand; from a puncture kit to a great set of pliers – you need to be prepared to work on your bike at any moment.

Vampire Tools has an extensive range of tools ideal for cycling applications. From screw extraction pliers to a recessed screw extractor with a 2-in-1 bit set, we have you covered for every eventuality requiring a great set of pliers.

From our vast range of products for cyclists, our top picks for you include:

  1. VAMPLIERS 3-PC SET S3EPPackaged as a set in a convenient roll-up Vampire Tools organizer pouch, this includes three screw removal plier products in a range of sizes and head shapes to cover all of your potential needs on the road. Remove rusted, corroded, stuck, or stripped screws, including Torx screws, as well as small nuts and bolts. These pliers have the ideal nose for accessing small spaces. The handles are ergonomically-designed for your comfort and ease of use.


  1. VAMPLIERS 2-PC SET S2E 5” MINI and 6.25” SHEARSThis handy little set includes VAMPLIERS Mini 5” screw removal pliers and 6.25” high-tech Aramid Fiber Fiber-Optic Kevlar Shears. Remove stuck or stripped screws, access confined or tight spaces, and easily cut through Kevlar, Vectran, Dyneema, Technora thread, cord, rope, lines, and tape.


  1. RECESSED SCREW EXTRACTOR WITH 2 IN 1 BIT SET VAMPLIERS PRO 8″ LINEMAN’S SCREW EXTRACTION PLIERSMakes it easier than ever to remove damaged or stripped recessed, flathead, or countersunk screws without messy drilling or preparation. The handle grip is high-torque and the 2-in-1 bit set suits both slightly- and heavily-damaged screws. The set also includes a pair of VAMPLIERS PRO 8″ Lineman Screw Extraction Pliers and a Vampire Tools cap – perfect to keep the sun off your face as you ride!

We have many more options! Contact Vampire Tools today and browse our full range to discover more about our great tools to enhance your cycling experience.