Vampire Tools is very proud to supply a variety of shears across a range of price points and which suit many different purposes. We know ours are the very best shears available on the market.

Shears differ from scissors in that they have longer blades, asymmetrical handles shaped for the thumb and two or more fingers, and an extra strong fulcrum force to better cut through thicker materials.

Why are Vampire Tools’ the best shears?

Like our scissors, Vampire Tools’ shears are hand crafted using premium, superior materials. Our shears have very sharp and durable blades crafted from high carbon alloy steel. Edges are comprised of Molybdenum (an alloying agent with steel) and Vanadium (added to steel for corrosion resistance). These shears are very strong, sharp, and will last a lifetime if used properly and cared for well.

The unique design of Vampire Tools shears works to maximize sharpness and superior cutting efficiency. The handles are designed innovatively and ergonomically, for ease of use no matter how much you need to work them over time. They are comfortable and a pleasure to use.

Our top shears at Vampire Tools are the 8” High Tech Aramid Fiber Fiber-Optic Kevlar Shears. These premium, heavy duty shears are of the highest quality and are made to easily cut through Kevlar, plastic, body armor, boat sails, canvas, rope, string, and net. One of the blades is designed with micro-serrations along its entire length. Ergonomic handle design allows for enduring firm grip and ease of use, even when cutting action is repetitive. Whether your application is household, automotive, marine, or other, these are the best shears for you – they won’t let you down.

Make sure your shears last you a very long time and remain as good as new: wipe them after use using a soft and dry cloth. Always keep shears dry, and lightly oil the fulcrum screw and blade edges periodically to keep them working smoothly. With a little TLC, your Vampire Tools shears will last you a lifetime, remaining as good as the day you purchased them.