Hobbyists are one group who absolutely need the right tools. More specifically, you need tools that can work in mini- and tight spaces, whether you are into making models like trains or military planes, working on electronics, making jewellery, creating doll houses, maintaining musical instruments, and much more. From mini lineman pliers to the right scissors and shears, having the right tools is essential for the enjoyment of your pastime.

Depending on your specific hobby, the tools you need will vary, but may well include items such as solder, soldering iron, wire cutters and strippers, a multimeter, pliers, Kevlar Shears, wire crimper, small-nose pliers, precision screwdrivers, screw removal pliers, super glue, glue gun, vice grips, tweezers, magnifying glass, and much more.

Here at VampireTools, we can help with some of your hobby essentials!

A few of our top tools for hobbyists include:

These high-quality scissors are ideal for hobby work as they have a fine point for small and intricate items. They will cut through Kevlar material, wire, and sailing thread. The blades are crafted from high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum and Vanadium edge, and the handles are ergonomically-designed for utmost comfort. One entire blade edge is micro-serrated.


Ideal for fiddly, hard-to-reach jobs, these long-nose pliers are ideal for removing screws of up to 5.5mm diameter and 2.2mm height. They have incorporated wire cutters hard enough to handle tough screws, and serrations between the grips are intended for use as wire-pullers. The top teeth are intermeshed for a grip that is unparalleled and non-slip. Comfortable to use, these pliers are ideal for use with all manner of jobs, including as lineman pliers.


Stripped and stuck screws are no match for these VAMPLIERS! With a slim nose ideal for small spaces, these screw removal pliers will easily remove target screws using either the top or side jaw. Ergonomically-designed, these pliers are crafted from high carbon Japanese stainless steel. A great gift for the hobbyist in your life!

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