The beauty of VAMPLIERS is that they are available in a range of sizes and shapes. All are lineman pliers and all are the ideal tool to use to remove a stripped screw, yet there is a vast array of other uses for our unique plier products.

Our VAMPLIERS Long Nose 7.5” Screw Extraction Pliers are a clever shape also known as Needle Nose Pliers. They are ideal for everything from craft work, hobby wiring, home wiring, and computer maintenance.

Long nose or needle nose pliers are distinctive in that they have long, thin and pointed noses which give easier access for intricate or fiddly jobs.

Just a few examples of how our Long Nose VAMPLIERS can be used include:

  • Crafting – including beading, jewelery making, stone-setting, and holding necklace chains. They are also fantastic for holding items in place whilst waiting for glue to set.
  • Computer Repair – whether as an occupation or a hobby, long nose pliers are an essential part of any computer repairer’s kit. They can get into tight and tricky places, grip wires, cut wires, and remove tiny screws.
  • Wire Cutting – as lineman pliers, our long nose VAMPLIERS are ideal for cutting wire, especially that of a small gauge, as found in switch and outlet boxes.
  • Wiring – Long Nose VAMPLIERS are a must-have tool for wiring your own outlets and switches, as they are easy to use and maneuver and small spaces.
  • Remove Stripped Screws – as well as rusted, corroded, one-sided, stuck, or Torx screws. They will also loosen nuts and bolts.

So what makes VamPLIERS different from other Long Nose Pliers? They are uniquely designed with the patented VAMPLIERS technology, made to a quality that is second to none with Kobe steel from Japan. Ideal for screws of up to 5.5 mm in diameter, they also have strong wire cutters incorporated and serrations in the nose of the pliers can be used as grips as well as wire pullers. The grip of the nose is non-slip, and the handles are ergonomic and made from elastomer for unparalleled comfort while in use.

Get yourself some Long Nose VAMPLIERS today and you’ll be all set for everything from your hobby to having an easy way to remove a stripped screw.