If you’re moving out of home for the first time, or moving into a home that’s new to you, you’ll be overwhelmed with the list of things you’ll need. One thing few people (especially non-DIY types) think of until they urgently need it is a toolbox full of tools..

Every home should have a basic toolbox for emergencies. At some point, you’ll need to assemble some item of furniture, hang a picture on a wall, or fix something in the house or garden. As such, you need to have a supply of essential tools to get the job done.

Unless you are a real handyman or woman who loved their do-it-yourself projects, your toolbox need not be extensive. You just need a few specific tools of good quality. Bought together or accumulated over time, you should make sure you:

  • Purchase high quality tools from a reputed seller.
  • Choose tools that come with a warranty
  • Remember you get what you pay for – cheap is not worth it
  • Buy a tool at a time rather than a set (unless you have plenty of money you’re willing to spend)

What are the Essential Items you Need?

  1. Claw Hammer. The hammer dates back more than two thousand years and is the oldest tool known to man. Select a hammer that is comfortable to hold and not too heavy. Steel hammers are the best option, especially if using to pull nails. You might also opt for a rubber mallet – much safer for hammering nails or hangers onto walls.
  1. Screwdrivers: Flathead and Phillips. These are available in sets, from two to twenty pieces. Most general needs will be served with a set of six to eight pieces.
  1. Linesman Pliers. Buy the best quality you can – and, of course, we recommend VAMPLIERS! Available in a range of sizes, these will work over many applications, and VAMPLIERS are the best tool to remove stripped screws on the market.
  1. Tape Measure. Choose both a large measure and a smaller one. Even if you never undertake any projects, they will be handy when measuring space for furniture, etc, or planning garden landscaping.
  1. Spirit Level. Even if the only handy work you ever do is hanging a picture on the wall, you need a spirit level.
  1. Cordless Drill and Bits. Cordless drills are compact and convenient, available in a range of power levels. The higher the power, the heavier the drill. Bits usually come with the drill but you can also buy specific bits separately.
  1. Shears. No home is complete without a set of our high quality shears range. Cut everything from wires to fabric, and even use them in the kitchen.
  1. Handsaw. A great general purpose handsaw is perfect for trimming branches and other small jobs.

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