It’s time to have a light-hearted look at tools and some fun facts you might not have known. From the best scissors, to screw removal pliers enjoy this tool trivia!

  • A version of the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” was originally called “Knife, Fork, Spoon”
  • The plural of scissors is still scissors.
  • Scissors and shears need to be professionally sharpened to keep them in top working condition. They also need to be oiled at the pivot point.
  • Most modern scissors have plastic handles, but rubber may be added to improve grip and comfort
  • Cast metal scissors, similar to those we use today, were first produced in 1761
  • If the pivot of the scissors is closer to the blade end and further from the handles, the cutting power of the scissors is greater
  • Most scissors are actually made to work best for people who are right-handed. Special reversed scissors for left-handed users are available.
  • Modern cutting pliers cannot be sharpened
  • High-quality, heavy-duty pliers can not only cut copper cable but also staples and small nails, bolts, and machine screws.
  • The small indented area in the front half of the nose of New England-style pliers is for removing the burr from the end of a piece of cut conduit.

Scissors have a world of superstition attached to them. It’s considered very bad luck to:

  • Drop scissors (especially if they stick in the floor)
  • Leave scissors with the blades open
  • Have scissors come apart during use
  • Give or receive scissors as a gift (the same superstition applies to give and receiving knives) – a small compensation must be given to counteract this
  • Open and close scissors during a wedding – the groom will become impotent (African superstition)
  • Use scissors on New Year’s Day
  • Break both blades (disaster impending)


  • When both tips of scissors stick, a wedding will follow. If only one point sticks, a funeral is to come.
  • Never attempt to retrieve scissors you have dropped yourself unless you stomp on them first.
  • Put scissors away during a thunderstorm
  • Putting scissors under the pillow of a labouring woman will cut her child-birthing pain in half
  • A pair of scissors could be nailed open above a door to protect the home from witchcraft

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