Whatever type of pliers you are using, whether you have an electrical job requiring linesman pliers or you need to know how to remove a stripped screw with pliers, there are some hard and fast rules for using them safely and also for keeping them in top condition for longer. Any good quality tool is an investment and you’ll want to keep yours in premium condition for as long as possible.

  • Only use pliers for their intended purpose. Never use pliers to do the work of a wrench, hammer, or pair of scissors. Doing so can risk damaging not only the pliers but also the job you’re working on, and it can be unsafe for you as well.
  • Don’t expose pliers to heat, for example a direct flame.
  • Only use pliers to their capacity. If you need stronger pliers, use stronger pliers. Never extend the length of plier handles. Cable should be cut with a cable cutter and bolts should always be cut with bolt cutters – never with pliers.
  • Always use eye protection when cutting wire, metal, or trying to remove a stripped screw.
  • Only designated electrician pliers should ever be used to cut electrical wires, and only ever by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Plastic-dipped plier handles are designed as such for comfort – they are not protective against electric shock unless specifically stipulated on the packaging by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t cut wire by rocking pliers from side to side. Don’t bend wires against the cutting blades. Wire should only ever be cut at right angles.

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