We’ve talked a lot about the standard toolbox essentials, from hammers to linesman pliers and Kevlar scissors. But what about those tools that are anything but basic?

Here we present a fun look at some tools that are “outside the box”, so to speak…

Shingle Froe: this unique tool was specialized for making roof shingles. The name “froe” derives from an old word, “forward”; it means “away”. The froe was used by placing it blade-down on a log. The handle of the froe was hit with a mallet, and then the handle pulled to pry off a slice of log – a shingle!


Shingle Froe

Image: eBay.com


Halligan Bar: a tool used by fire fighters and other rescue workers. It is used to pry open doors or smash through walls. It is heavy and comprised of titanium or alloy steel.


Image: eBay


Stanley #1 Odd Jobs Tool: from 1888 to the 1930s, Stanley manufactured this “ten-in-one” tool that incorporated a steel ruler, inside square, try square, miter square, T-square, beam compass, spirit level and plumb, depth gauge, marking gauge, and mortise gauge. It was designed to fit in a man’s pocket. A version is still available, made by the Garrett Wade Tool Company.

Stanley #1 Odd Jobs Tool

Image: VintageTools.net


Adze: a tool dating to ancient Egypt, the adze was used to shape and square tree trunks into beams. It looked similar to an ax; however the blade was orientated on the horizontal as opposed to the vertical. T is still used in woodworking for smoothing and carving.

adze tool

Image: Toolnut.co.uk


Nail Kicker: the nail kicker is to a nail what VAMPLIERS linesman pliers are to a stripped screw. In other words, a nail kicker is used to retrieve a nail, like a nail gun in reverse. It allows nails to be removed from wood effortlessly and without damaging the surface surrounding the head of the nail.

Nail kicker

Image: Toolmonger.com


Alternatively, a Cat’s Paw is also a nail-removal tool. Use a hammer to hammer one end under the head of the nail, and then leverage it out.

Cats paw

Image: Wikipedia


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