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Vampire Tools 3 Piece Set VT-001-S3H


This bundle set includes the following items:

  • 6.25″ Kevlar Shears
  • Cable/Harness Sleeve Stripping Knife
  • eShears All-in-One Electrician’s Scissors


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Includes: 6.25″ Kevlar Shears, Cable/Harness Sleeve Stripping Knife and eShears – All-in-one Electrician’s Shears

  • The Kevlar Shears are High quality scissors for cutting KEVLAR® and high-tech sailing thread. They feature:
    • Serrated blade for gripping materials and a non-serrated blade that can be sharpened for longer life of shears
    • Blades made of high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum & Vanadium HRC60±2, cutting edge hardness HV1200 & RoHS compliant for use in various industries
    • Thermo-plastic elastomer handles creates a comfortable grip for repetitive action
  • The Cable Sleeve Stripping Knife features the ability to:
    • Slice and strip cable up to 50mm OD
    • Strip wires from 10-20 Gauge AWG
    • Break into plastic cable jackets easily with it’s serrated tip
    • Cut into the jacket leads straight and without damaging any internal wires with the metal guide shoe at the tip of the blade.
  • The All-in-One Electrician’s Scissors feature the ability to:
    • Crimp terminals (0.5 ~ 4mm)
    • Slice a copper sheet up to 0.5mm thick
    • Easily cut soft cable of up to 50mm diameter
    • Clean electrical boxes with notch on outer blade and non-slip grip lines.
    • Cut cable ties and assorted electrical material with it’s micro-serrated blade

Additional information

Weight 16.16 oz
Dimensions 10.62 × 6.32 × 2.32 in


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