More information and fun facts about screws!

Have you ever wondered how to remove a stripped screw? We explain it step by step HERE...

Which Screw Should I Choose?

When selecting a screw, you need to understand the differences between screws in terms of shape and drive type. By understanding these, you’ll get the best results and be less likely to strip the screw.

Each shape of screw head has its purpose; only the head of the screw will be seen on your project, and it may sit atop the surface or be countersunk. The shape of the head also helps you benefit most from the mechanics of and force behind the screw. Your local hardware store should have staff that can help you select the right screw for the job if you need assistance.

More Fun Facts

  • 1744 saw the invention of the flat-bladed bit for use in a carpenter’s brace. This was the first modern precursor to the simple screwdriver.
  • The first effective screw-cutting lathe was invented by Englishman Jesse Ramsden in 1770. A similar design was patented in England in 1797 by Henry Maudslay, while in the US a screw-cutting lathe was patented in 1798 by David Wilkinson. These led to mass production of screws.
  • Hex screw heads were turned with an Allen key, which is a hexagonal-shaped wrench. Many researchers believe it was invented by American man Gilbert F. Heublein, who also introduced bottled Club Cocktails to the US in 1892; these were the first commercially-bottled cocktails in the world.
  • Canadian man P.L. Robertson invented square-drive screws in 1908, and these became the standard across North America. The Robertson screw is considered to be the first recess-drive screw suitable for production, as it was more stable than a slot-head screw when being applied.
  • The Phillips head screw was invented in the 1930s by Henry Phillips. This type of screw was ideal for use with automated screwdrivers used on automobile assembly lines. Ironically, even though Phillips founded the Phillips Screw Company in 1933 in Oregon, he never made any screws! His screw concept was considered by all established screw manufacturers of the time to be too complex.

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