We all know that using power tools can be dangerous and that injuries can happen. But what you might not realize is that manual tools can also be dangerous if they are not used carefully and properly. From a hand saw to a hammer; from a screwdriver to a chisel, there are many ways injuries can occur and no matter what type of tool you use, whether it is a mallet or screw removal pliers, safety must be your first priority.

Even something as simple as a set of pliers can be hazardous if you don’t use them properly and take adequate care. Pliers are very versatile and can be adapted for many uses – you just need to use them as they are intended.

Safety tips for using pliers:

  • Always work with any tool, including pliers, when you are alert. Never work with tools if you are tired, unwell, have consumed alcohol or any kind of drug (including prescription medications that can cause drowsiness).
  • Your pliers should be cleaned with a soft cloth between uses. They should also be occasionally oiled at the joint with a drop of oil. This will make using the pliers easier and also extend their lifespan.
  • Never expose pliers to excessive levels of heat. Heat can alter the properties of the pliers and render hazardous to use – as well as potentially useless.
  • As tempting as it may be in the moment, never use your pliers as a hammer. The pliers may easily crack and break and this will completely negate their effectiveness.
  • Never use your pliers to cut a “hot” or live wire. Even insulated lineman pliers should not be used on live electrical wires – always unplug appliances or turn off the mains before doing any electrical work. Be aware that unless you are using proper lineman pliers that are fully insulated, comfort grips on regular pliers don’t offer any protection at all against electric shock.
  • Don’t attempt to use pliers on large nuts or bolts where using a wrench is better indicated.
  • Don’t attempt to use lightweight pliers to bend stiff wire. Instead, choose a heavier set of pliers.
  • When used for cutting, use the pliers to cut at right angles and don’t bend the wire against the cutting edges of the pliers.
  • Wear safety goggles or glasses whenever you use pliers to remove a stripped screw of cut wire. Small parts can be ejected and you need to protect your eyes from the outset.

If your pliers are cracked, sprung, deformed, nicked, or otherwise damaged in any way, it’s time to throw them away and purchase a new set of pliers. Vampire Tools offers a range of the best pliers on the market at an affordable price – look after them, use them properly, and your VAMPLIERS will last a lifetime.