Is there anything more annoying than when you need to do some kind of handiwork around the house or garden and you discover the screw you need to remove is stripped?

A screw is simply a threaded fastener that’s used to keep items in position or attached to other items. They have heads designed to fit specific screw driver types, and in most cases a screw driver is adequate to insert or remove a screw.

What is a stripped screw? It is basically a screw with a damaged head; using a simple screwdriver, it is near impossible to turn. Stripping (or de-threading) of a screw can be caused by normal wear and tear, or by using the incorrect screwdriver for the said screw.

So now you need to know how to remove a stripped screw!

You may think using an electric screwdriver will solve the problem. Think again. Using an electric driver will in all likelihood just further damage the head.

Different types of screws have differing head designs, and these depend upon the purpose for which each type of screw is intended. Some are much more susceptible to stripping, and using electric or otherwise machine-guided drivers can make the problem worse. Screws can also be affected by corrosion over time.

To remove a stripped screw, it’s really important to inspect it for corrosion or rust and to choose the correct screwdriver for the head. Using the wrong screwdriver for the specific head can result in more stripping, and even lead to personal injury.

  • Remember the golden rule: “lefty loosey; righty tighty”. Make sure you are turning the screw in the correct direction
  • Press down hard as you are unscrewing
  • If the tool you’re using to try to remove the screw is slipping, stop immediately.
  • Use manual screwdrivers as opposed to power drills
  • Try levering your screwdriver with a socket wrench
  • A screw extractor may work if your screw head is worn but still intact

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