One of our great products at Vampire Tools is our electrician scissors. Also known as electrician shears, these scissors are specifically made to be safe for use by electricians and others undertaking work near any kind of electrical wires.

Electrician’s scissors or shears are designed to safely cut cables, copper sheets, strip insulation from wires, clean electrical boxes, and crimp terminals.

At Vampire Tools, we sell Eshears – an all in one premium electrician’s scissors product. These multipurpose scissors are the sharpest, best scissors available anywhere in the world. The scissors of choice for many professional electricians, our All in One Eshears are crafted from high carbon steel. The blades are micro-serrated and made of Molybdenum and Vanadium; these are vacuum hardened which delivers durability that lasts forever if the scissors are cared for properly and stored appropriately.

The handles of Vampire Tools’ Eshears are ergonomic and sporty, constructed from nylon and fibreglass (thirty percent). This makes them very comfortable to use, and they are also designed for ambidextrous use. Whether you are left or right handed, these scissors will suit you perfectly.

What can our All in One Eshears do?

  • Cut soft cable smoothly and seamlessly of up to 50mm diameter
  • Easily slice through copper sheeting up to 0.5mm thick
  • Cut through cable ties and other electrical material
  • Crimp terminals of 0.5-4mm
  • Clean electrical boxes (with non-slip Grip lines and the notch located on the outer blade)

Our All in One Eshears are strong, durable, and unparalleled in their sharpness and cutting power. Always take note to follow occupational health and safety practices when working with any kind of electrical wire or cabling.

As with all scissors and any tools for that matter, electrician scissors need to be cared for to keep them looking and working at their best. They should be wiped down with a soft, dry cloth between uses, and they need to be stored properly – ideally in their pouch or box. Also, periodically oil the fulcrum screw and the blade edges to keep them working smoothly. If you ever need to have your scissors sharpened in the future, make sure to take them to a professional who will do the job right.

Chose Vampire Tools for all of your scissor and plier needs!