Vampire Tools’ linesman pliers are preferred by everyone from home handymen to professionals alike. Available in a range of sizes and ideal for various specific applications from electrical work to stripped screw extraction, there is no finer product than our VAMPLIERS

Here are some basic rules for safe and effective use and handling of pliers…

  • Always protect your eyes when using pliers by wearing safety glasses or goggles.
  • Never use linesman pliers or any other type of pliers to cut a “hot” electrical wire. Always turn off power at the mains prior to working with electrical wires. Note that comfort grips on the handles of pliers are not insulators.
  • Don’t expose your pliers to excessive heat. This may change the tool’s chemical properties and this, in turn, will weaken or damage it.
  • Don’t use your pliers in place of a hammer or mallet. Additionally, never hammer the pliers themselves.
  • Pliers should only be used for cutting hardened wire if they are specifically manufactured to do so.
  • Always cut with your pliers held at right angles. Don’t rock the pliers from side to side or bend the wire against the cutting edges. This will damage both the pliers and the wire to be cut.
  • Don’t use lightweight pliers to bend stiff or hard wire.
  • If you need a longer or larger pair of pliers, use them – your pliers should never be “extended” in any way.
  • Don’t use pliers for tightening or loosening nuts or bolts. The tool to use on these items is a wrench.
  • Pliers need to be oiled at the joint periodically – just a drop will keep them lubricated for easier use and a longer life.
  • If your pliers are damaged in any way, they need to be replaced.
  • Always store your pliers safely, away from damp areas.

Vampire Tools has a wide array of premium linesman pliers and other pliers products – so whether you need a basic tool to use at home or you are a professional tradesman, look no further for the best pliers in the world. It’s a big claim and we stand by it!