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    High-quality specialty pliers to extract stripped or stuck screws or rounded nuts or bolts.
    • Remove stripped, rusted, corroded, stuck, one-side, Torx screws, nuts, and bolts.
    • Designed with patented VAMPLIERS® Technology.
    • Long Nose ideal for hard-to-reach screws up to 5.5mm in diameter and 2.2mm in height.
    • Wire cutters hardened to HRC60±2 (Rockwell standard) to handle tough screws.
    • Serrations in between grips used as wire-pullers.
    • Top teeth are intermeshed for a non-slip grip.
    • Ergonomic elastomer handles for unmatched comfort.
    • T-shaped forged handles prevent the grip covers from twisting or slipping off.
    • RoHS compliant for use in various industries.
    • Made in Japan from high quality carbon steel
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  • A sharp electrical knife that safely cuts and strips up to 50mm OD cables. The Submarine Knife features the ability to:
    • Slice and strip cable up to 50mm OD
    • Strip wires from 10-20 Gauge AWG
    • Breaks into plastic cable jackets easily with it's serrated tip
    • Metal guide shoe set under the jacket leads the cutting edge straight without damaging the internal wires
    • Cut into the jacket leads straight and without damaging any internal wires with the metal guide shoe at the tip of the blade.
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    Multipurpose scissors for leather, fabric, rope, carpet, cord, metal wire
    • Cuts almost everything from paper, leather, fabric, suede, rope, carpet, thin branches of plants, and many other soft materials
    • Wire cutter in between handles cuts aluminum, soft steel and copper wire up to 3/32
    • Box cutter on the outer edge of one blade; safety sheath is included
    • Handles design incorporate wrap-around guard to prevent pinching (patent pending)
    • Great for small industrial, home, garden and DIY use
    • Sharp cutting edges which will retain sharpness for a long time
    • Micro-serrations on one half of one blade for easy grip of cutting material
    • Versatile yet compact for easy storage
    • Ergonomic handles
    • Made in Japan from high carbon steel
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  • High quality scissors for cutting Kevlar, Dyneema, Vectran, Technora thread, tape, lines, cords and rope
    • Micro-serrated blade for gripping materials during cut
    • Long and sharp blade to shear fabric
    • Non-serrated blade can be sharpened
    • Extended tang for durability and efficient force transfer
    • Adjustable pivot point to modify blades tension - ambidextrous use
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  • High quality scissors for cutting KEVLAR® and high-tech sailing thread
    • Cuts carbon fiber, glass fiber, plastic, canvas, upholstery, headliner, cloth string and many other materials
    • Serrated blade for gripping materials. Non-Serrated blade can be sharpened for longer life of shears
    • Blades made of high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum & Vanadium HRC60±2, cutting edge hardness HV1200 & RoHS compliant for use in various industries
    • Thermo-plastic elastomer handles creates a comfortable grip for repetitive action
    • Pointed blade for wedging between wires and surfaces. Extended tang for durability
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