Pliers may just be the handiest tool in your tool kit – when you buy the right kind!  There are many, many different types of pliers, and many of these have specific applications – yet they are not just a tool for a single job. When you buy the very best lineman pliers from Vampire Tools, you get much more bang for your buck – and a tool that can almost work miracles!

Pliers are not a single generic tool. They are generally classified by the type of nose they have and their nominated function.

Some of these include:

  • Round Nose Pliers have conical shaped jaws. These are used to shape loops and to fit terminal screws in electrical conductors.
  • Long Nose Pliers have tapered jaws that are serrated for a very strong grip. They are made to hold small parts, to more easily reach into confined spaces, and to shape wiring. These are the pliers you choose when precision matters.
  • Combination Pliers are widely used in the electrical industry as lineman pliers, and these effectively combine the function of a number of types of pliers. They have flat jaws for ease of twisting, gripping, and bending, and the pipe grip is serrated to help hold cylindrical objects. They have a side-cutting jaw for cutting soft wire and to strip cabling, as well as joint cutters to shear steel wire.
  • Side Cutters are pliers with the jaws set at an angle to strip outer cable sheaths and cut close to electrical terminals.
  • Vice Grips are pliers that operate as an adjustable clamp to hold items still in a vice grip for welding and drilling.
  • Tin Snips are pliers with blades that are straight or curved to cut sheet metal.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Cutters are large pliers that operate like scissors to cut large cables, including cables in mains.

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