When you hear the word “pliers”, you probably think of a single generic tool. But there are many different kinds of pliers and each has its own specified use. They are classified by their function and the type of nose they have.

Some of the most commonly used types of pliers include:

  • Long Nose Pliers – tapered jaws that are serrated for gripping. They can hold small parts, reach confined spaces, and shape control wiring. They are used when precision matters most.
  • Round Nose Pliers – conical shaped jaws to shape loops and in conductors and eyes to fit terminal screws in conductors.
  • Combination Pliers – widely used in the electrical industry, these combine the function of a few types of pliers.
    • Pipe grip is serrated to grip objects that are cylindrical
    • Flat jaw tips for general bending, twisting and gripping
    • Joint cutters to shear off steel wire
    • Side cutting jaws strip cable and cut softer wire
  • Side Cutters – jaws are set at an angle. They cut close to electrical terminals and strip outer cable sheaths.
  • Heavy Duty Cable Cutters – these are large and work like scissors to cut large cables like those in mains.
  • Vice Grips – these are pliers that work as an adjustable clamp; a portable vice to hold items still for welding and drilling.
  • Wire strippers – come in an array of types to remove insulation sheaths from conductors.
  • Tin Snips – with curved or straight blades to cut sheet metal.
  • Pump Pliers are made to grip and turn nuts, bolts, and stuck pipe fittings.

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