It’s been a long evolution to your modern day screw removal pliers

Pliers in their most basic form are an ancient invention – we know nothing of exactly when they were first invented or who was responsible for their invention. What we do know is that by the time early metalworking was in practice, plier-type tools would have been essential for casting and smithing.

It’s believed the first pliers were invented more than 5000 years ago, around 3000BC, and that they were most likely initially made of wood.  They, in time, came to be crafted from bronze, and later from stronger materials including iron and steel.

The earliest-known images of pliers depict a Greek god (Hephaestus, patron of forging) using them in a forge, and they were more like what we’d recognise as tongs. Ancient Egyptian sculptures show signs of having been crafted with the assistance of a type of spring-loaded plier, again, similar to tongs or tweezers.

Pliers and the hammer are associated with the Roman god Vulcanus, god of fire and forge. Forgers at that time were highly respected and those with military and economic power in ancient Roman society were adept at the art.

Pliers based on a pivot joint design have been seen since around 1000BC in what is now Europe, most likely arising in ancient Roman society when iron was first forged. From this time, pliers were designed and forged for specific purposes, including specialist pliers for dentists and surgeons, for baking on a fire, and for producing ammunition.

FUN FACT: the virgin martyr Saint Apollonia is usually depicted with a pair of pliers. This is because her torture in Alexandria prior to her death included having all of her teeth shattered and pulled out. She is the patron saint of dentistry and of those suffering from dental problems and toothache.

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