So you have a fantastic set of VAMPLIERS at home. All of their more common uses are well known, but there are some novel uses for pliers, especially VAMPLIERS. Not only are they the best tool to remove stripped screws available on the market, they are the best lineman pliers for any purpose.

Including opening a wine bottle.

These days so many wine bottles have screw caps. Easy, right? That is until you have to open a bottle with a traditional cork. And we all know that these can be anything but easy to get open properly, on the first attempt.

Perhaps you’re out of practice using a corkscrew. Perhaps you don’t even have a corkscrew! The good news is that you don’t need one – you just need a screw and a set of VAMPLIERS and you’ll be enjoying that drop in no time – and without bits of cork floating in the glass.

Here’s how:

  1. You’ll need a screw about four inches long.
  1. The greater the distance between the threads on the screw, the better – it will provide better grip on the cork.
  1. Insert the screw gently and slowly into the cork as deep as possible without going all the way through. You might need a screwdriver to achieve this. Place it centrally in the cork and straight, perpendicular to the bottom of the wine bottle. You want to have a half inch of the screw at least sticking out the top, but don’t push the screw through the other side of the cork.
  1. Now grab your VAMPLIERS and gently pull out the screw. Use a twisting and pulling motion. The cork will come with it. Remember to go slowly and gently; you don’t want to break the cork or the neck of the wine bottle!

There are various other methods of opening  a wine bottle without a corkscrew, but we think this is the simplest way…

There are lots of other ways to make great linesman pliers work for you – and in future posts we’ll look at some of them.