It’s a brand New Year and as such, there’s a definite sense of “out with the old; in with the new”. One thing you should consider revamping for 2018 is your toolkit, making sure it has all the essentials like screw removal pliers and the best Kevlar shears

The New Year will bring with it new projects, home maintenance and spruce-ups, and other tasks that either need to be done or that you wish to undertake. Alternatively, you may be a professional who wishes to start the New Year with the very best tools from the outset.

Every toolkit should include the following basics, no matter what level of DIY you are on:

  • Screwdriver set – various sizes of flat and Phillips head screwdrivers. Choose comfort grips and magnetic tips.
  • The best are lineman pliers which double up as screw removal pliers and are available here at Vampire Tools. They come in an array of sizes to cover all of your needs. They are the very best available anywhere online.
  • Tape Measure. A rigid retractable tape measure will stand you in good stead – you never know when you will need to accurately measure something!
  • This is an essential little tool to make sure everything you install or hang is straight and correct from the outset, from shelves to pictures to wall-mounted TVs.
  • Claw Hammer. Choose a sturdy hammer with a comfortable handle made from rubber, vinyl or plastic.
  • Select an adjustable spanner for versatility to tighten nuts and bolts, as well as loosening fixtures.
  • Utility Knife. This is handy for everything from opening sealed boxes to cutting cable and sharpening pencils. Choose one with a retractable safety blade.
  • Kevlar Shears. These are awesome scissors that will literally cut almost everything. Vampire Tools stocks the best shears on the market, as well as a range of electrician scissors and multipurpose shears.
  • Every home, office, and other workplace needs a torch for emergencies, and the toolkit is the ideal place to keep it.

Now is the time to discard old tools that are broken, worn out, rusted, chipped, blunt, or cracked, and to fill gaps in your list of essential tools. Visit Vampire Tools online for the very best lineman pliers, screw removal pliers, cable stripping knives, Kevlar shears, electrician scissors and much more. Our products are truly second to none.