Linesman pliers, cutting pliers, screw extraction pliers: pliers are an essential tool to have in the home, even if you’re no handyman (or woman!). Yet there are many myths and misconceptions held about pliers and these commonly held beliefs can make using pliers less than safe. They can also impact on the effectiveness your tools.

Here we debunk the most common pliers myths:

MYTH: Linesman Pliers are only intended for cutting copper cable

FACT: Heavy-duty lineman pliers, or electrician’s pliers, have high leverage and are suitable for cutting not only wire cable but also small nails, staples, and even small bolts. Ensure the pliers you use for this purpose are rated as such in the manufacturer’s notes.

MYTH: Any strong plier can join ground wires with a crimp connection

FACT: The wrong tools will not do the right job. You need to use a set of pliers with a built-in crimping die. This is a feature found on some wire strippers and also on some side-cutting pliers. It is usually found just proximal to the hinge when you are holding the pliers by their handles.

MYTH: Pliers can be used as a hammer

FACT: NO! Never use pliers as a hammer – it will damage even the sturdiest of pliers. They may break, crack, or the edges may be damaged. When you need a hammer, use a hammer.

MYTH: Cutting pliers can be sharpened

FACT: Only the oldest cutting pliers can be sharpened, using a file. Modern pliers are hardened in the manufacturing process and no file will effectively sharpen them.

MYTH: You can use pliers as a wrench

FACT: While some plumbers do use certain types of pliers for an array of jobs, if you need to work on a fitting with a nut or hex-head, a wrench is the right tool to use. If you do want to use pliers to work on a nut, bolt, or hex-fitting for screw extraction purposes, choose a set of pliers that will accommodate this.

MYTH: Linesman pliers can be used to cut a hot wire

FACT: NEVER cut a hot or live wire – always disconnect mains power sources before working on any electrical wire.

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