Part of the unique and innovative technology that is behind the outstanding VAMPLIERS products is the use of Kobe Steel. But what is Kobe Steel? Why is it so good? And why do we at Vampire Tools use Kobe steel for our screw extracting pliers?

Kobe Steel Works is a public company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is the fifth largest steelmaker in Japan and number fifteen worldwide. It markets an array of steel and iron products, and is a leader in Japan for the manufacture of titanium products and welding rods, as well as copper and rolled aluminum.

Kobe Steel was founded in 1905 as a part of Suzuki and Co, a Japanese trading firm. It was incorporated as steel works in 1911. Since early in the company’s history, it has been a leader in diversified steel specialty markets, and Kobe Steel has global offices in Dusseldorf (Germany) and New York.

With its focus on value-added steel products, Kobe Steel delivers in fields including bioengineering and computer components, as well as products like the lineman pliers we sell at Vampire Tools.

Steel has been produced for thousands of years. It is an alloy of iron and carbon. Other elements may be added:

  • Nickel and manganese add stability and tensile strength
  • Chromium hardens the steel and increases its melting point, as well as inhibiting corrosion
  • Vanadium increases hardness

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world, and it can be produced with various qualities required for an array of applications. It is used to build everything from skyscrapers to bridges, and car bodies to watches, surgical instruments, and screws.

Hardened Kobe steel is used in our VAMPLIERS, and this is an intrinsic part of what makes them so strong, durable, and effective as a damaged screw extractor.

If you’re looking for top quality linesman pliers, shears, or a tool to remove stripped screws, look no further than our product range at Vampire Tools. There is no finer product on the market for durability, effectiveness, and comfortable use. They are also very cost-effective.