If you’ve explored our Vampire Tools website, you’ll know that Kevlar shears and scissors are among our top products. But what are they exactly? And how are they used?

Kevlar shears are a fantastic modern tool which nods to the traditional technologies of the old kitchen shears used by women housewives a century ago.  They are strong shear-type scissors that are strong enough to easily cut Kevlar and similar materials, and no man or woman should be without a set.

Top quality Kevlar shears are built to last – in fact, with proper care, handling and storage, they’ll outlive you!

This remarkable tool is crafted to serve people in a wide variety of industries, from marine workers to industrial crafters, home improvement workers, home makers, DIY’ers, and anyone who might need to cut through tough materials like Kevlar, rope, carpet, chicken bones, etc.

Kevlar shears are crafted from high-carbon steel and are available in a range of sizes. With them, you will find it easy to cut through everything from double-stacked cardboard, rope, sail cloth, old shirts, nylon cord, canvas, carpeting, leather, copper sheeting, upholstery, and of course Kevlar.

Vampire Tools is very proud to offer a superior, premium Kevlar shears product which is second to none and has ever-lasting craftsmanship. Our shears and scissors are built to last for decades. This is especially worth noting in the modern world where everything including tools and other gadgets are made to be lighter, cheaper, and essentially disposable. Our Kevlar shears are anything but cheap, light and disposable!  Durable, solid and sturdy, they are well made to the highest quality from top materials and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

You need to be aware that when cutting materials including glass fiber or composites with Kevlar shears, mineral fibers can be abrasive and they will potentially wear the edges of your blade. Always clean out residual fibers from the blades after cutting to keep blades clean and sharp.

Kevlar shears are a great little tool which will enhance your productivity and make life easier. Get yours today from Vampire Tools for the very best!