No matter what the occasion, Vampire Tools is a great place to shop for gift ideas that will keep on giving. For everything from birthday and Christmas gift to Father’s Day, housewarming and even corporate gifts, we have a product to suit your needs. From sets of screw removal pliers to the best scissors available online, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Vampire Tools.

We have a wide range of bundled sets and gift sets that are ideal to give as gifts. Our top two picks are:

  • VAMPLIERS +SUPER COMBO SCISSORS GIFT SETThis is our most popular gift set. It includes a beautifully-boxed pair of VAMPLIERS 6.25” screw removal pliers and our unique Super Combo Scissors – the best scissors in the world. Both of these handy tools are crafted to perfection from Kobe steel from Japan. Ideal for anyone, it is an especially thoughtful his-and-hers gift. We even gift-wrap in red, white, or blue paper for delivery (you choose!).
  • VAMPLIERS 6-PC SET S6AThis premium set has everything you need when it comes to linesman pliers. The set includes our VAMPLIERS Mini 5” Screw Extraction Pliers, VAMPLIERS 25”, VAMPLIERS  Long Nose 7” Slip Joint Pliers,  VAMPLIERS Long Nose 7.5” Screw Extraction Pliers, and VAMPLIERS PRO 8” Screw Extraction and Linesman Pliers. They come with ergonomically-designed sleeves and a set of Super Combo Scissors. This is the perfect gift for an aviation maintenance technician!

We have a very wide array of other bundled sets and gift sets; explore our range on our website.

Our products will be well-received by a vast array of recipients: from a young person setting up house for the first time to an avid boater; from an auto-mechanic to a guy (or girl) who just likes to tinker with the car at the weekends; from someone looking to set up the perfect kitchen toolkit to a passionate gardener; from hobbyists to crafters – the possibilities are endless for who will love our screw removal pliers and scissors. Start shopping today!