It’s that time of year – whether you’re shopping for others or looking to give yourself a great gift that will keep on giving for the New Year, Vampire Tools is here to deliver! From the world’s best screw removal pliers to the sharpest and best scissors and shears available, we have all your needs covered.

We have a vast array of bundled sets, gift sets, and great stand-alone products that no tool kit should be without. No matter whether you’re an experienced handyman, a novice, a professional electrician or other tradesperson, or a guy or girl moving out of home for the first time, our tools are just what you need to address tough problems in and around the home or workshop.

You can purchase our great merchandise from our website or alternatively from Here’s just a snippet of what we have on offer for you right now!

  • Remove rusted, corroded, stripped, damaged or stuck screws, nuts and bolts with our 2-piece Set S2C Specialty Screw Extraction Pliers. They are designed to handle hardware between 0.12” and 0.37” diameter and are guaranteed not to slip thanks to their patented vertical and horizontal serrated jaws.
  • Our Super Combo Scissors are ideal for cutting everything from paper to fabric to rope and even CDs. Their micro-serrated blades cut absolutely any material and slippage is prevented. Perfect for use from domestic to light industrial, they include a box opener on the outer edge of the scissors and have ergonomically-designed handles for comfortable ease of use.
  • A fantastic gift for Christmas, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day, the 4-piece Set S4A Specialty Pliers are a must-have. Presented in a convenient tool pouch, these VAMPLIERS come in an array of sizes so you’ll have everything you need to remove screws that have become stripped, rusted, corroded, or stuck. They’ll also conveniently remove Torx screws.
  • It’s all about the shears! Another great gift, the 2-piece Set of 6.25” and 8” Fiber Optic Kevlar Shears and Vampire Tools Cap will have you set for any cutting task you can imagine. These high quality scissors have blades constructed from high carbon alloy steel with Molybdenum/Vanadium edges. Designed for firm, stable grip, they will cut body armor, sails, rope, string, plastic, canvas, and net.

Get yourself or someone you love the very best tools available in the world – screw extraction pliers and Kevlar shears from Vampire Tools. And have a Merry Christmas!