Here at Vampire Tools, we’re all about providing the highest quality products and advising their use with utmost safety. From basic lineman pliers to electrical shears; from the best tool to remove stripped screws to gift packs, our commitment is to providing the best quality, right tool for the job each and every time.

Sometimes however, tools are not used in their proper way. We all know about the stereotypical use of pliers to remove a tooth; in fact, this has been a common use of pliers since they were first invented more than one hundred years ago, and even dentists have their own version of this very tool. But sometimes, tools like pliers are used for unusual and, to be frank, cringe-worthy purposes…

  • In October 2016, it was reported in various news publications that a man had removed his own toes with pliers. The former British army Lance Corporal, who is now a film archivist, suffered severe frostbite to his foot when fixing his car in freezing conditions. He tried for months to heal his feet, but he was eventually informed by doctors that the gangrene in some of his toes was life threatening and he’d need the leg below his knee removed.Problems occurred however when, due to unforeseen circumstances, he was informed that the wait for surgery would be six weeks. So he decided to remove the affected toes himself – and did so in his living room with a set of pliers – with no anesthetic and no painkillers.When the surgeon eventually saw the result, he told the man he was “mad” – but that he had done a very good job.
  • A cautionary tale about looking after your tools and using (and storing) them safely. A fifty-eight year old Chinese woman suffered critical injuries when a pair of pliers fell thirty-one stories from the window of a high rise building, and lodged handle-first in the front of her head. She required surgery to remove the pliers which were wedged six inches into her brain. It’s unknown whether she ultimately survived the injury.

Pliers are an amazingly useful tool – and VAMPLIERS are the best available lineman pliers in the market by far! But like any tool, they need to be handled with care, used appropriately, and stored properly. And not seen as an option to remove a sore tooth.